How To Use Hey Marvelous

Welcome! This post is to help you navigate my online studio, hosted on hey Marvelous, with ease.  Quick Links: How to Register How to Access Video Library How to Join a Livestream Class Troubleshooting  How to Register 1. Visit the Offerings page and select the product you would like to purchase. 2. Click “Subscribe” on the product […]


I am SUPER excited to share some MARVELOUS news! Starting early fall, my online platform will transition from Wix to “Hey, Marvelous!“ Over the past few months, many of you have shared your frustrations and challenges when attempting to login or book a class on my website. I took all of your comments and feedback […]

Launching a YouTube Channel

Did you know I grew up with a mom who taught aerobics in the 80s? She owned a business with my aunt Jane called “The Bodyworks” in my hometown, Onawa, IA. I watched her choreograph and have fun creating moves to the latest hits. I can still remember some of the songs today by Michael […]

Practice You

It is no secret I have a huge girl crush on Elena Brower. Her latest book and card deck, “Practice You” is a beautiful resource inviting you to come home to yourself. To your radiance. Your ritual. Your courage. Your clarity. Your power. Your purpose. Your strength. Your softness. Your adaptability. Your acceptance. Your endurance. […]

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

I belong to a financial book club group lead by Triangle Financial Services. It has been a great asset to my business growth and development. I am exposed to books and concepts helping me move forward as a small business owner. The latest book recommended to me is, “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by […]

Go Time!

Wow! I’m thrilled to introduce you all to my completely revamped website. It has been an amazing journey that provided me the opportunity to better define who I am as a small business owner. I spent many hours at my desk writing, editing and making sure this new site can grow with me…and with all […]

My New Logo!

I am thrilled to reveal my new business name, tagline, and logo! Spring was the perfect season to birth something new! A renewal of life and a rebranding for me. The very talented Jana Rogness worked closely with me to create this beautiful, meaningful logo that represents what I do. Jana also rebuilt my new […]