Meet Mary

Walk with me as I share reflection, guidance, and insights about the journey towards integration, health, and well-being. Let’s thrive and awaken to our full potential!

My Journey to the Passion of Yoga and Wellness

How in the world can anyone “stretch” for 60 minutes?!

This was my perspective… UNTIL I attended a class over 20 years ago and the tears flowed during my first savasana. 

I knew instantly I had found my fitness “home” and that this amazing, newfound practice was for me. This first class introduced me to a perspective that values both movement and rest and I immediately wanted to learn more.

Within a year of that first yoga class, Yoga by Mary was born via a weekly class where I began to integrate research and beliefs gleaned from modern science and ancient teachings. This passion for yoga blossomed in 2014 into my thriving business, Resilience & Grace. I’m now able to fully pursue my passion and purpose by creating a health and wellness brand that inspires and empowers others to feel good at any age and lead lives that thrive.

Simultaneously, my professional career led me to experiences that embody my deep knowledge of the science of wellness. I channeled this passion into teaching the benefits of health and well-being practices that support and empower employees. As a corporate wellness director for 15 years, I embraced opportunities to pioneer comprehensive wellness programs for employees and older adults in the senior living industry. I have a deep passion for supporting others in their journey to knowledge, exemplified by my time as an adjunct professor and seasoned mentor.

My yoga style is much more than “poses”; it is an integrative practice connecting the mind and body through breath awareness, with intention. Yoga taps into the goodness within each of us, reminding us we are love. It’s focused on empowering professional engagement in holistic programs through stress reduction as well as transforming the aging experience centered on possibility rather than limitation. Sharing the teachings of yoga and wellness fulfill my life’s purpose while simultaneously offering personal healing.

Over the years, I have personally struggled with perfectionism and always wanting to be a “good girl.” I add a lot of “shoulds” to my life with FOMO consistently in my shadows. BUT. When I step onto my yoga mat, sit on my meditation cushion, or walk outside in nature, I heal and remember. I connect to my innate joy and inner Truth. I live a life of meaning and purpose, bringing compassion and love to myself and the world.

Yoga Certifications:

E-RYT 500, RCYT, and YACEP
Meditation, Yin, Yoga Nidra

Wellness Certifications:

ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
Delay the Disease Instructor for Parkinson’s
Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program


Teachers & Influencers

Marci Graham, Brette Berlin Scott, Carole Westerman, Elena Brower, Bernie Clark, Jillian Pransky, Tara Brach, Kristen Neff, Pema Chodron, Emily P. Freeman, Brené Brown, and Oprah

Podcast Highlight

Episode #8: Meet Mary

Seeking the fullest expression of self, I have always thought of myself as a seeker…too often we block the power that is ever-present and available to us because we’re so wrapped up in the doing that we lose sight of being.

Mary McCarthy

Of Highest Note – Family!

I am married to an amazing man and have three growing children who continue to remind me to live in the moment.

Credits & Recognition

I’m sending a shout out and huge THANK YOU to the many artists who have helped me create my brand, Resilience & Grace, and bring beauty to my website.

Graphic Designers: Fancy Fox Design and Jana Rogness. Content Edit & Coach: Tritle Solutions Group. Website Developer: Running Robots. Artists: Lori Portka and Matt Corones. Photographers: Ivory House Photography and Photography by E.

Logo Love

My logo has a variety of messages in it that are very important to me.


My business name is Mary McCarthy. Can you see the two M’s?


The M’s create a lotus flower – a symbol of beauty & spirituality.


A dot above the flower creates a head of someone sitting in meditation and the M’s cross at the heart center.


The color indigo represents the Ajna Chakra — the third eye of wisdom.


The circle around the mark represents the infinite nature of energy and the inclusivity of the universe. It is sacred and divine.


The watermark outside of the lines reminds all of us that we are unique and yoga is for everyone. You don’t have to fit inside of the lines to practice.