I am SUPER excited to share some MARVELOUS news!

Starting early fall, my online platform will transition from Wix to “Hey, Marvelous!

Over the past few months, many of you have shared your frustrations and challenges when attempting to login or book a class on my website. I took all of your comments and feedback to heart and started learning more about why my Wix web platform was not a great place for me to stay and why moving to a new online platform and creating a new website will support my business and my online presence.

Since the middle of February, I began to research other online platform options and web design companies. After MANY hours of meetings and research, I am thrilled to announce my partnership with Marvelous and Running Robots.

Marvelous is an online hosting company providing a place for me to teach classes in multiple formats (online, face-to-face, and hybrid). I will begin to offer online courses and students will be able to register for retreats and workshops all in one spot. Customers will purchase memberships or classes online and access their unique login with a username and password just like Wix. I have spoken with other yoga teachers who use this platform and they are thrilled with how easy it is for their students (and for them). PLUS if you have any online problems, their customer support team is superb. I will have access to a team of professionals that want my business to succeed!

I am currently saving all of my Zoom classes into the new video library. When we make the transition, you will still be able to access your favorite classes. It will also be super simple to book or cancel the classes you want to take.

Earlier in May, the CDC released updated recommendations for people who are fully vaccinated. Some of you have started to ask me what my plans are for teaching in-person classes now that I am making a major investment in my website and online platform.

Teaching online has brought new freedom and convenience for me as a teacher and as a mother. I have been able to juggle parenting duties and my job teaching online. I have made some major investments in equipment and my reach has extended beyond central Iowa. I am thrilled we have students practicing with us all over the US. You have been able to share my teachings with friends and family members no matter where they live AND students who have moved away or are traveling can stay connected to their practice. So many WINS!

What I do miss is seeing all of you and feeling your energy. I know you miss it as well. However, at this time, teaching online consistently outweighs moving my classes back to in-person. Marvelous does have options for me to teach a live-stream or in-person class. This would be considered a hybrid class. I will evaluate each class and decide what is the best choice for me as a teacher, small business owner, and mother. Unfortunately, some of the spaces I used to rent and teach out of are no longer available. As I transition to some in-person classes, I will explore location options and enjoy teaching outdoors when the weather is nice.

I also love partnering with local organizations and hosting in-person retreats, workshops, and special events. I will share these in-person opportunities in my monthly newsletter, on social media, and online at www.mary-mccarthy.com

Stay tuned for additional updates to help you sign up or transition to Marvelous.