Launching a YouTube Channel

Did you know I grew up with a mom who taught aerobics in the 80s? She owned a business with my aunt Jane called “The Bodyworks” in my hometown, Onawa, IA. I watched her choreograph and have fun creating moves to the latest hits. I can still remember some of the songs today by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, A-Ha, Journey and so many more. You will still find me on the dance floor trying to lead my friends to dance with me when the songs are played.

Watching my mom teach 32 count combos always amazed me and helped me learn how to hear the beat of music and have fun dancing while exercising. This lead to my fascination of Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, Kathy Smith and Richard Simmons. I owned lots of their videos and memorized routines. When I left for college, I started teaching group fitness classes at The Field House and began dreaming of being a fitness icon someday.

Fast forward from 1999 to today…I am launching my own YouTube channel!!! OMG! I may not be Jane Fonda or Kathy Smith, but it is pretty awesome and I keep pinching myself! I have taught yoga since 2000 and am a group fitness instructor at heart. You can usually find me “whoo-hooing” to get the energy up and people smiling.

Instead of watching me lead you through a choreographed routine to the latest top 40 hit, you will find me leading yogis through meditations, gentle flows, chair yoga classes and mixed-level Hatha yoga routines. It is always fun for me and a blessing I hold dear to my heart instructing people to be present, move their body and calm the mind. I love helping people feel good at any age!

I need to give a HUGE thank you to my dear friend, Rodger Routh Video. He has known me since I was 18 and encouraged me to give this a try. We created my first Hatha yoga practice together in 2014. His talent and vision for the viewer helped me look and sound good. In addition to his support, I received positive feedback from my students. This gave me courage to create more online classes. YouTube is the platform I have chosen to share my free videos.

Please check out my new channel. You will find me as “Mary McCarthy Yoga.”

You currently have access to:

  • 15-min gentle yoga class
  • 15-min chair yoga class45-min mixed-level Hatha yoga class
  • 45-min Chakra yoga practice
  • Loving kindness meditation
  • Gratitude meditation
  • Chakra singing bowls

Thank you for subscribing to my channel! Share your feedback with me. I will be inspired to offer more.