Practice You

It is no secret I have a huge girl crush on Elena Brower. Her latest book and card deck, “Practice You” is a beautiful resource inviting you to come home to yourself. To your radiance. Your ritual. Your courage. Your clarity. Your power. Your purpose. Your strength. Your softness. Your adaptability. Your acceptance. Your endurance. Your excellence.

During this lenten season, I have taken some extra time to turn inward. I use meditation, yoga nidra, journaling and reading to help me pause, reflect and listen.

I have shared with many my journey of yoga and how it came to be a part in my life at such an early age. But what many may not know is how important this practice is in keeping me grounded and feeling “at home” within myself. My intention is my prayer. My prayer to be at HOME within myself. To know I am enough and to have faith in the process and timing of events.

In 2018, I made a huge investment in my business. I re-branded my company, worked with amazing and creative people (especially the very talented Jana Rogness) and got a little clearer on who I am and what I offer as a yoga teacher and small business owner. Sometimes the words flowed easily and the messages were clear. Other times it was really messy, scary (more moments than I want to admit) and filled with self-doubt.

But here I am on the other side and moving forward in 2019. I am teaching weekly yoga classes (I hope you can attend if you live in Des Moines), working 1:1 with clients, offering workshops and events, and partnering with organizations as their wellness consultant. It is fulfilling and a true joy to work with so many wonderful people who are curious and want to feel good at any age.

So what next? I am taking a few weeks (maybe months), to pause. To continue turning inward and listen. I will keep teaching my weekly classes and working 1:1 with individuals as my schedule allows. But I don’t have any workshops or events scheduled on the calendar. I have ideas and want to work with some other amazing teachers in the field, but this is all fluid and I am staying open to what could happen.

I am realizing that these are my last few months with Annie before she goes to Kindergarten in the fall. I am cherishing my time with her. The past 5 years have gone so fast. You all said it would and it has. And I have loved every minute of it!

I invite you to continue on this journey with me. Maybe someday I will offer teacher trainings, have an on-line subscription program, lead a destination retreat, or open my own studio. Please share what you would like to learn and ideas you have for me. I would love to hear from you. What do you like about practicing with Yoga by Mary? I want to hear your story. Please send me a message on my website.

As I take this time to practice me, I invite you to practice YOU. Elena offers a wonderful “Practice You Live” pdf of questions you can ask to invite clarity, create meaningful practices and affirm your prayerful reality. Join me and let me know what you think.

Michelle (my doTERRA mentor) and Elena.

This is a beautiful picture of my Des Moines doTERRA mentor and leader, Michelle Asmus, with Elena on the beach at a doTERRA event. Michelle took this picture for me because she knows how much I adore Elena. I hope this is me someday practicing yoga on the beach with her.