How To Use Hey Marvelous

Hey Marvelous Online Studio
Welcome! This post is to help you navigate my online studio, hosted on hey Marvelous, with ease.

Quick Links:

How to Register

How to Access Video Library

How to Join a Livestream Class


 How to Register

1. Visit the Offerings page and select the product you would like to purchase.

2. Click “Subscribe” on the product page, or opt to start with a Day Pass.

 3. Follow the prompts to Log in or Create an account.

4. Once logged in, continue the Checkout process. Keep in mind online membership plans auto-renew every month. You may cancel at any time. All sales are final; refunds are not provided.

How to Access Video Library

With the purchase of the “Lotus Library” or “Resilience & Grace Full Access” Membership, you have access to an on-demand video library of 90+ videos and growing!

1. Go to your Dashboard and select “Lotus Library Membership.”


2. Choose any video from the library for your practice. You can search for something specific using the Search bar, or use the drop downs to filter videos by length, level, style, or part of the body (under Other).


How to Join a Livestream Class

With the purchase of the “Livestream Warrior” or “Resilience & Grace Full Access” Membership, you have access to as many Zoom classes as you wish to take! That’s right—unlimited.

1. Go to the Calendar and click on a class event.


2. Register for the class, and [Recommended] add it to your calendar.

3. Within 15 minutes before class starts, you may access the class from your Dashboard or the Calendar page. Open the class page and click “Join the livestream.”Before class starts, you are welcome to have your video and microphone on. Mary will be welcoming students. Enjoy getting to know Mary and the other students in the kula (community). A variety of topics are discussed and stories are shared by students all over the U.S.When it is time to start class, Mary will ask everyone to turn off their video and mute the microphone. The camera will spotlight Mary and the recording will begin. Only Mary’s video is recorded and saved for future use.

With the “Livestream Warrior” or “Resilience & Grace Full Access” Membership, you have access to Replays until the end of the calendar month (i.e., Oct. 1 – Oct. 31). Mary will add a week’s worth of classes at a time.


If you are joining the livestream from a desktop or laptop please use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you must use Safari version 12.1 or newer.

If you have never used Zoom before, it will ask you to download Zoom to your device. Once Zoom is installed, the Zoom window will open and you’ll be able to participate in the livestream.

If you do not have a “Join Session” button:

  • Confirm you have purchased the product that you are trying to livestream.
  • Try refreshing the page.
  • Check your internet speed (slow internet will not allow a stable livestream)
  • Close down any competing applications on your computer.
  • Make sure others are not consuming large amounts of bandwidth on their network like video streaming, gaming, or downloading large files.
  • Last option: Restarting the computer.

Read more FAQ by Customers and Help from Marvelous

You can email the Marvelous team directly for support at