Go Time!

Wow! I’m thrilled to introduce you all to my completely revamped website. It has been an amazing journey that provided me the opportunity to better define who I am as a small business owner. I spent many hours at my desk writing, editing and making sure this new site can grow with me…and with all of you!

I am so proud of the work Jana Rogness, Susan Riley, Erika Fontana and Becky Groff who partnered with me to make this site not only beautiful and fun, but easy to navigate and read. Many of the photos are my students who have supported me along the way. I am grateful for everyone’s courage and vulnerability to show up, be photographed and share their journey of yoga with me.

From the beginning of our time working together on this project, Jana has been the ideal partner. She really “gets me.” Our chemistry blended together from day one. This was such a blessing. We met weekly to review the content, visuals and navigation for the website. So many times I would sit down with her to look at a change or edit and say, “YES! That is it! So good.”

This website is like a new employee for me. It is my goal to provide a place where I can answer your questions, provide thoughtful tips, insights and articles. And now, you can easily add classes and events to your calendar, pay online, read a variety of articles on my blog, learn more about essential oils, and keep track of the free events I offer around Des Moines. I also hope you will send your friends to mary-mccarthy.com to help spread the word.

Thank you for taking time to read, learn and share in this journey with me. I welcome your comments on my blog site. Please share your thoughts with me!

With love,Mary