Your Highest Intention for the New Year: Decide to Rise

“The journey of the year to come demands active participation. May each of us come to touch and know intimately our highest intention. May kindness course through each of us and all around us freely and strongly.” Elena Brower A few years ago I became a certified Deisre Map Facilitator with Danielle LaPorte. She wrote […]

Taking Time…

The holidays are here and another year is coming to a close. As we enter the month of December our lives are filled with lists of things to do. It is usually the same for me. My lists feel longer than normal. I sleep less because I am trying to get one more thing crossed […]

Ignite Your Life!

I got invited to partner with a new friend, who is living ON purpose and FOR purpose. Her name is Beth Montpas, and she is an Entrepreneur, a Certified Life Coach and a real lover of life! Beth has sparkling eyes and a great smile but what you can’t see is years ago she faced […]

Go Time!

Wow! I’m thrilled to introduce you all to my completely revamped website. It has been an amazing journey that provided me the opportunity to better define who I am as a small business owner. I spent many hours at my desk writing, editing and making sure this new site can grow with me…and with all […]

Witnessing Mind

We are challenged when unpredictable (and sometimes unwanted) external events occur and change our personal goals or experiences.  The chatter in our mind can make a day which was going pretty smooth to one of pure disaster due to the inner dialogue inside our mind.  A hot or rainy day can make us angry at […]


Today as we emerge into another new year, we are invited to reflect on the days past and be inspired by the days to come.  I know for me, this day is a day of self-care and awakening.  A time to be quiet and look within.  To reawaken what is already within me and know […]

The Four Desires (aka-Gunas): Moving Toward Freedom!

The four purusharthas are yoga’s four aims or desires of life.  The purusharthas include dharma (purpose), artha (prosperity), kama (happiness and pleasure) and moksha (liberation or freedom).  Rod Stryker explains the purushartha to mean “for the purpose of the soul.”  He shares an excellent description about them in his YouTube video about “The Four Desires.” […]

Summer of Fun!

My summer of 2017 will be called, “my summer of fun!”  It was my intention and goal to be present with my children and enjoy all there is to do in the summer.  Annie is now three and does not need regular daily naps and Jack and Henry are at an age where they like […]