I AM Magic!

What if loving yourself is the answer to every single thing you want in life. What if it’s the key to unlocking every one of your dreams? You won’t know until you try.

This month I spent two days in solitude at an Airbnb reflecting on all that had happened in 2018 and creating goals for 2019. It was a chance for this busy mamma to unplug, dream, create, and manifest a life that brings joy and love. I made time to practice yoga each morning. This included not just asanas but meditation and pranayama.

This weekend was a chance to connect my mind and body to my heart’s desires. This time away nourished me and gave me a chance to be intentional. Not only was this mini-retreat amazing for my business, but it was just what this mamma needed. I was not on anyone’s schedule but my own. I did what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. This experience served its purpose and provided a wonderful weekend of respite. I drove through the streets of Des Moines heading home to Windsor Heights filled with hope, joy and love for the work that I do and the family I have. I encourage everyone to try this!

What I did to make this happen:

1. Find a weekend I knew my husband was home and could manage all schedules alone.

2. Reserve a night at an Airbnb, local hotel or friend’s home. (Make sure they will leave you alone and let you take over the basement.)

3. Pack reading material.

4. Pack your favorite foods to snack on.

5. Bring some special items from your home to display.

6. Wear your comfiest clothes.

7. Don’t answer your phone unless you absolutely need to.

8. Make time to move your body to increase creativity and connection of mind & body.

9. Breathe deeply.

10. Love yourself and enjoy!