The Next Right Thing…

It is pretty amazing when a friend sends you a text sharing a podcast she believes you will find helpful and valuable during a time of self-reflection and refinement of your business plans/goals. She was right. I subscribed to Emily P. Freeman’s podcast right away and have listened to episodes 1 – 23 so far. […]

Listening to My Inner Wisdom

Have you found yourself outsourcing your inner work to someone else? Within each of us there is an unbroken flow of intuition, knowingness, courage and clarity. We usually look for these qualities in someone outside of us; a trusted teacher, friend or guide. All of these qualities are eternally available within ourselves. The yoga tradition […]

Practice You

It is no secret I have a huge girl crush on Elena Brower. Her latest book and card deck, “Practice You” is a beautiful resource inviting you to come home to yourself. To your radiance. Your ritual. Your courage. Your clarity. Your power. Your purpose. Your strength. Your softness. Your adaptability. Your acceptance. Your endurance. […]

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

I belong to a financial book club group lead by Triangle Financial Services. It has been a great asset to my business growth and development. I am exposed to books and concepts helping me move forward as a small business owner. The latest book recommended to me is, “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by […]

I AM Magic!

What if loving yourself is the answer to every single thing you want in life. What if it’s the key to unlocking every one of your dreams? You won’t know until you try. This month I spent two days in solitude at an Airbnb reflecting on all that had happened in 2018 and creating goals […]

Your Highest Intention for the New Year: Decide to Rise

“The journey of the year to come demands active participation. May each of us come to touch and know intimately our highest intention. May kindness course through each of us and all around us freely and strongly.” Elena Brower A few years ago I became a certified Deisre Map Facilitator with Danielle LaPorte. She wrote […]

Ignite Your Life!

I got invited to partner with a new friend, who is living ON purpose and FOR purpose. Her name is Beth Montpas, and she is an Entrepreneur, a Certified Life Coach and a real lover of life! Beth has sparkling eyes and a great smile but what you can’t see is years ago she faced […]

Go Time!

Wow! I’m thrilled to introduce you all to my completely revamped website. It has been an amazing journey that provided me the opportunity to better define who I am as a small business owner. I spent many hours at my desk writing, editing and making sure this new site can grow with me…and with all […]

Let Go & Be Happy

This phrase, “Let go and be happy” sounds simple, right? No. I know it’s not. There are many samskaras (impressions from life experiences) blocking our ability to allow life’s events to pass through us freely. The blocked energy is stuck and has now created a problem when we experience a similar event that “triggers” the […]

My New Logo!

I am thrilled to reveal my new business name, tagline, and logo! Spring was the perfect season to birth something new! A renewal of life and a rebranding for me. The very talented Jana Rogness worked closely with me to create this beautiful, meaningful logo that represents what I do. Jana also rebuilt my new […]