The Power of Asana: sthira sukham asanam

The physical aspect of yoga is the third step on the path to freedom, and if we’re being honest, the word asana doesn’t refer to the ability to perform a hand stand or an aesthetically impressive backbend, it means ‘seat’—specifically the seat you would take for the practice of meditation. The only alignment instruction Patanjali gives […]

It’s YOUR Yoga!

This is a milestone month for me.  I am celebrating a birthday that ends in a “0.”  To some people, like my children, I will seem “old” and “over the hill.”  Others will say I am a “young pup” and have so much more life to live.  The cosmetic industry will tell me I need […]

Roll On – Fascia Work

Have you ever had a pain in your foot and later learned it was because your calf muscles were tight or experienced pain in your forearm due to tight knots (aka trigger points) in your upper back?  These referred pains occur because everything in our body is connected.  Scientists and researchers are helping us better […]