Connecting to the
wisdom of the body
and breath.


Optimizing health,
perspective and


Empowering whole-
person health, well-
being, and vitality.

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Join me as I offer opportunities to engage in the teachings of yoga and wellness that promote the power of connection and belonging.

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Mary McCarthy

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Hello I’m Mary McCarthy

As a leader in the wellness industry and a yoga and meditation teacher for over 20 years, I offer a unique integration of ancient yogic wisdom merged with evidence-based western science. My teachings embody holistic practices that guide students on a path of self-discovery and healthy aging, supporting each person’s physical, mental, and spiritual journey.

My insights, integrative practices, and intuitive teachings offer an invitation to practice from a place of meaning and purpose, inner guidance and authenticity, gratitude and joy. Connect to your true Self as I share from my heart and invite you into the journey to your best life – let’s live with resilience and grace!

I am a unique integration of ancient yogic wisdom merged with evidence-based western science.

Find Wisdom Through My Blog!

The Power of Fun

The Power of Fun

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Practicing Grace

Practicing Grace

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  What Clients Are Saying

Mary has that rare combination of unequaled technical knowledge, flexible but challenging coaching skills, and authentic engagement with her clients. Mary’s enthusiasm for developing yoga, weight training, and cardio with both my husband and I in mind was fun and effective for both of us.

Denise S.
Coaching Client

Mary was a delight to work with as a conference breakout session presenter. Her topic “Resilience” was a perfect addition to our line-up of professional leadership development for women. The conference was virtual and Mary’s style, warmth, and expert knowledge resonated with our attendees – at a time that they most needed it! Attendees voted her session #1 in a post-conference survey! We would work with her again and recommend her to others. You won’t regret it!

Bobbi S.
Women Lead Change

Having this beneficial activity as part of my routine has definitely contributed to better sleep, more flexibility, and even hands-free ease in getting out of awkward outdoor chairs all summer. Thanks, Mary, you have been a wonderful influence!
Linda F.
Yoga Student