Last month I attended a Chakra exploration class through asana, meditation and aromatherapy at Evolve to Harmony in Omaha.  This was not the first time I had worked with my chakras.  However, it was a comprehensive course incorporating meditation, mudras, essential oils and asanas to help balance and clear our personal chakra centers.  

The chakras integrate mind, body, and spirit into a full spectrum experience. Chakras are an essential part of the energy body in each of us.  The literal translation of the Sanskrit word chakra is “wheel”. This term is usually associated with seven focal points of radiant power, or vital energy, within the subtle body. 

The purpose of a chakra-based yoga practice is to discover the keys to opening each chamber in our inner temple and awaken the Divine within.  Chakras are known as portals between the inner and outer worlds or  connection points between mind and body.  In yoga, the subtle energy is called prana.  Prana is the basic energy of life.  The body handles prana within the cells, through various channels called nadis, and through the chakras.  We practice asanas to open our chakras and the energy within.  

You can learn more reading about chakras on Anodea Judith’s chakra website