Time to Celebrate (and pause)

Wow!  This past year has been an incredible year for me and I am so honored to share this journey with you and grateful you choose to share it with me.  Last March I turned 40.  To celebrate the beginning of my 40’s, I decided to go BIG!  It began with a beautiful birthday celebration and I shared it with “The Women of My World.”  I had so much fun and was inspired by Oprah and the party she had when she turned 50 to invite women who have mentored me, watched me grow up and laughed with me through the years.  This celebration launched a year of celebration, discovery, transformation, adventure, gratitude and joy.

A few highlights over the past year includes:

  • First family vacation to WI Dells
  • All three children in school at one location (Annie – Preschool, Henry – Kindergarten, Jack – 3rd)
  • Trip to Ireland with Pete to celebrate 10 years of marriage
  • Seeing Ed Sheeran LIVE!
  • Featured in Wellmark’s Blue Magazine
  • 18 years teaching yoga at Plymouth Church
  • Three weekly yoga class offerings in the Des Moines Area (Hatha, Gentle, & Chair) 
  • Completion of Yoga Certification Milestones (I finally did it!)
  • RCYT (Children’s Yoga)
  • E-200 (Can offer teacher trainings and CEUs to 200 RYT yoga instructors)
  • 500 RYT 
  • Started working with a professional to brand my business and create a logo, update my website and create marketing materials (all still to come!)
  • Began offering monthly workshops to yoga students and teachers to help broaden their definition and practice of yoga

When I think about this past year, my heart is filled with so much joy and respect I have for the practice of yoga.  I am really looking forward to sharing it with you and offering opportunities to dig a little deeper and expand your knowledge and practice of yoga. 

What is to come in 2018?

  • New Business Name – Mary McCarthy
  • New logo 
  • New marketing materials
  • New website
  • New workshop opportunities
  • New community classes offered around the Des Moines Area for a great cause and organization
  • Continuation of weekly classes at Plymouth, The Family Tree and Santosha

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement (near and far). Please invite your friends to give yoga a try and help others understand that yoga really is for Every Body!