Today as we emerge into another new year, we are invited to reflect on the days past and be inspired by the days to come.  I know for me, this day is a day of self-care and awakening.  A time to be quiet and look within.  To reawaken what is already within me and know that I am enough.

I am also very excited (actually giddy) for all that is to come in 2018 for my business.  I now recognize that I am a small business owner and teaching yoga is more than just a hobby.  It is part of my dharma, my purpose.  Yoga is a passion of mine and sharing this with others is something I enjoy and hope to share for many years to come.  It allows me to embrace and balance my dharma (purpose), artha (prosperity), kama (pleasure), and ultimately bring me to moksha (freedom).

As I move into 2018, I am ready to make a shift and brand my business.  I am saying YES to many experiences, while at the same time, being true and present to my family and children as they continue to grow and change in this ever-changing world.  I will share these changes and opportunities with you as they are ready.  I am reminded that I am not in control (but boy do I want to be!) and trust that what is to come is happening at the right time.