Living Life with an Abundance Mindset

Silhouette of sportive girl practicing yoga in field at sunrise.

For many of us, we were raised and have lived with a fixed mindset of either/or instead of both/and. We have been taught that there is only so much of everything- money, food, fame, friendships, love, etc.- to go around and once it is gone, there is no more. This fear-based mindset restricts our ability to connect to the universal truth of abundance and limits our ability to dream and create a life of fulfillment from within. Changing our mindset from lack to abundance takes practice.

Where we place our attention comes from our ability to understand and recognize our pure potentiality as we work to create clear intentions and remember that we have the ability to focus on what we want to attract into our lives. Welcoming more abundance into our lives is a practice that involves appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and remembering we can choose to make choices that help bring unlimited abundance into our lives.

There are rituals and concrete actions you can take allowing yourself to open up to more of this potent energy. Attuning our energy to that of abundance through intentional practices and rituals makes it easier to call in what we desire and cultivate a deeper appreciation for what is already around us.

Listed below are some of my favorite ways to access and tap into an abundant mindset.  

Practice Gratitude

The energy of appreciation helps magnetize us to attract more abundance. A gratitude practice is a powerful way to cultivate the energy of appreciation and recognize the abundance that surrounds us, while attracting more of what we desire. We can create a gratitude practice with a daily habit of gratitude journaling and writing down five specific things you experienced recently that you are grateful for. You can take a few moments to close your eyes and feel the energy of appreciation as you think of each experience on your list. When we hold moments of gratitude in our hearts, we open ourselves to experiencing and appreciating an abundant mindset.

Writing in a Journal
Peaceful senior woman in lotus position meditation with closed eyes at home while sitting on yoga mat on floor, full length.

Practice Meditation

Making space for quiet reflection and meditation is a powerful way to lift our vibration and connect to our highest Self. A meditation practice helps us tap into the frequency of abundance and the magic of life. When we carve out time at least a few times a week to sit in silence with our breath or listen to a guided meditation that incorporates affirmations, mantras, and mudras, we invite unlimited abundance and remember anything is possible with spirit.

I have recently listened to a few guided meditation courses on Insight Timer and Spotify.

Sitting quietly in the early hours of my day has helped me open my heart to inviting more abundance into my life. The courses I have completed include The Magic of Life with Jonathan Lehmann, 21 Days of Abundance with Deepak Chopra, and a variety of daily meditations with Liza Colpa.

Designate a Space

Think of what abundance feels and looks like to you. A bouquet of fresh flowers could make you feel abundant, or your favorite essential oil. It could also be a certain kind of stone or your favorite quote. Compile a few items that signify what abundance means for you or identify what you desire and want to bring more of into your life and place them around your home or in a special area. You can also create a vision board if this resonates with you more than a designated space. Whatever you choose, place these items where you will see them regularly. Spend time appreciating your space/vision board and tap into how these items make you feel as you open your heart to receive.

Repeat Words of Affirmation

Affirmations are not only used for manifesting a specific goal; they are meant to encourage a life filled with positivity and gratitude. Repeating words of affirmation helps to keep small things in perspective. We can lose sight of what is important to us and repeating a simple affirmation sentence helps us focus and attract what we desire.

Here are some of my favorite abundant affirmations:

  1. Today, I behold all of the abundance that surrounds me.
  2. The more I believe in the magic of life, the more life becomes magical.
  3. The universe is always supporting me, even through challenging times.
  4. I am always exactly where I need to be.
  5. I attract the situations and emotions that I focus on, here and now.
  1. From this moment forward, I invite unlimited abundance into my life.
  2. Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness.
  3. I move through my days lighthearted and carefree knowing all is well.
  4. Each moment of every day, I live my life abundantly.
  5. The diving light within me honors the divine light within you.

Hone in on Discipline

The divine masculine energy within us is the part of us that is responsible for a healthy relationship with finances and material goods. If more financial freedom is the kind of abundance you’re trying to call in, tending to your masculine side may be a good idea. A healthy masculine energy habit can look like discipline, consistency, and healthy organization. Take note of where you may be lacking in these areas and how you could invite more structure and stability in your life allowing you to call in what you have been working toward.

Abundance Mindset

Abundance can look and feel different for everyone. While trying to cultivate more abundance in your life, it is important to take the time to appreciate the good that already surrounds you. When we create space and place our attention on an abundant mindset, we can stop resenting others and our situation and move toward gratitude and joy as we open to the magic of life. Commit to cultivating this energy in a way that feels good to you and opens your heart to receive.