Do you have 2020 Vision?

You can’t help but notice the message shared all over social media as we enter a new decade and a new year. My inbox is filled with subject titles related to having a vision in 2020.

As I sit here today writing my January message to you, I want to ask you the same question, “Do you have a vision for your 2020?”

Each of us arrive at this place a little differently. Some of us create goals or intentions based on how we want to feel (Danielle LaPorte‘s Desire Map Process). Rod Stryker teaches us about The Four Desires and creating a Sankalpa or intention outlined in his book working with your dharma, artha, kama and moksha. Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy teach you how to create a Life Plan in their book, Living Forward asking you to stop drifting and get the life you want. The Happy Manager provides additional resources and reasons why setting goals are important. There are so many authors and life coaches who want to share their technique or method with you, helping you move forward and live the life you want.

When we sit down to ponder a new year, a new direction or we create space to pause and reflect, dream and pray we begin to create intention. An intention for our lives. A path that takes us on a journey we want to be on. A life we want to live. A legacy we want to leave. A year without regrets.

When you do create some sacred time for this ritual, give yourself some grace. It can be difficult to make changes. We know change is hard especially if we are trying to create new habits. Some of the changes we want to make will help improve our lives. Other changes are out of necessity because of loss or other unforeseen experience. And still other changes need to be made that can be hard (even crippling) in the beginning but will bring happiness and joy in the long run.

Here are some tips to help you get started as you pause, reflect and create your vision for 2020. (Don’t worry if you’re not sure you will reach your goal. So what? Give yourself some grace and have fun. Let yourself dream.)

  • Schedule quiet time on your calendar.
  • Gather your supplies (e.g., calendar, journal, favorite pen, warm cup of coffee or tea)
  • Give yourself space to connect and listen to your soul. Try my 3 minute “power of pause” meditation to help you connect to your breath. You can subscribe to my podcast “Resilience & Grace” on Buzzsprout.
  • Do a few stretches before you begin connecting your body to your mind. This helps release stuck energy and allows your energy flow freely.
  • Play your favorite music or sit in silence. (Do what you love!)
  • Begin your statements with, “I am” or “I will.” Write in the present-tense visualizing yourself achieving these goals and moving your energy in a forward directions.
  • Write your goals/intentions on a nice piece of paper you can tuck inside your calendar or place on your desk for you to review every week.
  • Review what you have written and ask yourself if these goals are what YOU want or did you write them because you think this is what you should write. Be honest and authentic.
  • Remind yourself these goals are not carved in stone. You can make changes. This is just the beginning.
  • Give yourself some grace.

So you may be thinking, “OK. Thanks Mary for sharing these tips. What is YOUR vision for 2020? What are your goals? What can we look forward to from you?”

Last year when I began working with my coach, Christi Hegstad, she asked me to come up with three bold goals. I started on this path last year in June 2019. I want to continue this process in 2020 and create not only three bold goals but also a word for my year. Something to help me stay connected to my vision. I have not sat down yet to write my 2020 intentions or commit to a word, but I am excited to share a few business goals with you. Opportunities you can look forward to learning about and experiencing with me.

  1. Monthly Mary McCarthy Yoga YouTube video yoga classes. I will be filming my live classes and providing them on YouTube allowing you to practice at home or when you are traveling. Please don’t forget to subscribe. You will get notifications when I post a new class.
  2. Quarterly retreats inviting you to rest, recharge and reconnect with yourself. The first retreat is “Soul Journey to Self Love” on February 16th at Jasper Winery.
  3. New “speaking” page on my website. I really enjoy sharing the message of health and wellness with others. For 15 years I worked in corporate wellness. I am passionate about bringing evidence-based wellness experiences to individuals and want to share my message and the practice of yoga and mindfulness to the business sector at conferences, conventions and business retreats. This page will launch in February!

I hope this post has inspired you to sit down and create your vision for 2020.