Witnessing Mind

We are challenged when unpredictable (and sometimes unwanted) external events occur and change our personal goals or experiences.  The chatter in our mind can make a day which was going pretty smooth to one of pure disaster due to the inner dialogue inside our mind.  A hot or rainy day can make us angry at the weather because we are afraid it will “ruin” our plans. Stories from the news can turn a calm morning into one of disappointment and frustration.  Does this happen to you?  Have you ever listened to the voice inside your head?  Do you like what you hear? Has it affected how you experience a day or event?  Does it prevent you from focusing on a project or going to bed at night?

Yoga is a practice helping us become present to the current situation and view what is happening around us with a “witnessing” or “neutral” mind.  We become conscious enough to understand the predicament.  We can listen, speak and act with love and understanding.  When we wake up and become aware that we are aware, external obstacles or situations that change what we had hoped to experience become just that…an uncontrollable experience.  Rain or extreme heat is now just rain or extreme heat. It may not be exactly what we had hoped for, but it doesn’t have to ruin our entire day.  It just is.  It is good to feel the emotions that come up and recognize that you feel angry, disappointed, happy or sad, but then let it go.  The emotion is energy and to stay in the present moment and open ourselves to the next emotion/event, we feel and let go.  This helps us stay in the present moment and keep our hearts open.  Now step into the day with curiosity and witness the events happening around you, then let it go.  Try it.  It is a game changer!

Would you like to read more about this theme?  Read Michael Singer’s book, The Unteathered Soul.