What a Feeling!

On Stage @ Wells Fargo Area for 5,000+ Women during the P.E.O. International Convention

Wow! What a feeling! This pictures brings back a very special memory that I will hold in my heart for a very long time.

The picture is me leading a 5-minute stretch break on stage in front of 5,000+ women during the 74th Convention of International Chapter of P.E.O. Sisterhood. A very special guy, Mike Rowan from Experient Global Events Company, captured this moment for me. We stood on the side of the stage for over an hour visiting about spirituality, connection and mindfulness. It was a conversation I did not expect to have with a total stranger, but I know we both enjoyed talking about something more than the weather.

As soon as I was done, Mike asked for my business card and told me he took some pictures of me. He knew this was my very first time getting on a stage this big and as a gift of kindness, he moved around the stage taking multiple pictures. He sent me an email later with a few images telling me how much he enjoyed my company and our conversation. He also said in the message that he knows this may be my first time on a stage this big, but it won’t be my last. Thank you Mike!

This particular conversation was not the only special moment I shared with complete strangers during the convention. Many women came to the wellness lounge (aka: Quiet Room) and shared their gratitude and stories about how important self-care is to them. The Wellness Lounge was a room placed in the middle of a very busy “main street” offering respite for those who needed a break. Rebecca Bruce was the mastermind behind this idea. She brought it to life and it was a success!

Inside the Wellness Lounge you could:

  • Enjoy diffused doTERRA essential oils, Balance & Serenity Blend. These two essential oils created a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Drink a glass of infused water filled with lemons, oranges or cucumbers.
  • Practice yoga in the DIY yoga station using my YouTube Channel, Mary McCarthy Yoga, videos.
  • Meditate or sit quietly in the designated “quiet” space.
  • Sample a variety of doTERRA essential oil products helping with sleep, stress, immunity, pain and stomach issues.
  • Sit on one of the couches with a magazine or visit quietly with a friend.

This room created moments for many of the women to decompress, relax, and enjoy some quiet or along time. It was truly a gift in the middle of a very busy and full schedule of events. My dear friend, Denny Kelly, offered Reiki helping women release tension and pain in their body.

I also had a lot of fun giving a special “Live Your Best Life” presentation to 500+ women. It was a chance for me to share my words of wisdom and life experience. I spoke about the importance of creating intention, living a life of meaning and purpose and holding gratitude in your heart. I shared what my logo meant , why “Resilience & Grace” are such powerful words, and how they became part of my business name. This was the largest crowd I have ever been asked to speak professionally in front of. My dear friend, Rodger Routh, captured this moment and recorded the entire 45-minutes. Together we are working on making it available for you to view. I am also working on creating a Speakers Reel allowing me to share my passion of public speaking. I am sending my desire to do more of this out into the universe!

I must also give a shout out to some of my dear friends who helped make the wellness activities such a HUGE success. I could not have done all of this alone or have offered such a variety of experiences without them. A heartfelt thank you to Rebecca Bruce at P.E.O. International for inviting me to share my vision and ideas with her. Together we brought them to life. I also want to thank Susan Skinner (Daisy Dash); Denny Kelly (Mindfulness & Meditation); Deb Jennings, Hollie McClay, Justin Appel (Sounds for the Soul); Jill Klein, Michelle Asmus, Hilary Kuhse, Katie Streff (doTERRA team); Kelly Renfrow (Strength & Stability Class) and the many P.E.O. Sister volunteers who helped answer questions in the wellness lounge and passed out maps for the Self-Guided Art Walk. My right hand woman (aka Vice Chair) was a very special person, Elisabeth Reynoldson. One week after this huge event, she was appointed to be the new District Court Judge in district 5B. Congratulations Elisabeth! What an honor.

I know many of you were cheering me on from near and far. Thank you! Your words of encouragement really kept me going during the long hours of preparation. This experience was truly a pivotal moment to me and my career. It felt like I was taking the past 20 years and putting it all into one event. Wow!

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