Student Spotlight: Carol Miller

Hello Yogis!

My name is Carol Miller. I work for a local insurance company where I support an amazing team of underwriters who write Surety Bonds. I enjoy riding horse, spending time with family, having lunch with friends, sitting outside and reading a good book, and taking walks.

I began practicing yoga with Mary in 2013. I had been taking yoga classed through the West Des Moines Community Schools, but their classes only offered two 6-week sessions each semester. I enjoyed the classes but wanted to continue through the summer months as well. My friend, Kathy Nicholson, to me about the yoga classes she was taking with Mary and invited me to join her for a class. I immediately felt so comfortable with Mary’s style and knowledge, and I couldn’t wait to come back the next week.

When Mary moved her classes online due to the pandemic, I was so grateful. I had started working from home on a daily basis and didn’t get up and move throughout the day, like I would in the office. The online classes provided me the opportunity to still do yoga, move my body and feel like I was still part of the group.

I’m not always able to attend the live stream classes, now that things are returning back to normal, but the video library is always there for me. I’ve been able to try all of the yoga classes offered, and I have incorporated the Strength and Balance class into my routine. The video library not only gives me the opportunity to take classes when my time allows, but the classes have also given me the chance to focus on improving my strength, balance and flexibility. They have also challenged me to try something new, and I always feel like Mary is in the room with  me.

During the summer months I like to attend Mary’s outdoor yoga classes through Clive Parks and Recreation.  I enjoy spending time outdoors and being able to take in-person classes with Mary is an added bonus.