Student Spotlight: Barb Klubal & Jan Svec

Barbara Klubal and Jan Svec recently sneaked into their 70s and live in Des Moines, IA.

Barb: I started practicing yoga here in Des Moines with another teacher. Shortly after I started, that teacher left the practice and Mary took over the class. What a stroke of luck! I’ve been with Mary for over 20 years. When I started, yoga was just something to try to see if it would help me maintain flexibility and strength and just get my body moving. I never thought that I’d still be at it so many years later! Today, I cannot imagine my life without yoga, especially now that we are house-bound due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jan: Barbara had been practicing yoga for a year or so and encouraged me to come to class with her. Lower-back issues and a desk job that only made things worse finally convinced me to give it a try. I had been a regular at the chiropractor’s office for years; now I rarely go. Although my initial attraction was strictly physical conditioning, I now place great value on the spiritual side. Concentrating on movement and breathing helps clear my mind and recharge my spirit.

Barb & Jan: We couldn’t ask for a better yoga teacher than Mary. Her knowledge of yoga is enhanced by a thorough understanding of physiology. Her love of teaching and dedication to her students shines through in every class. In the spring of 2020, Mary seamlessly switched to an online format, offering several live Zoom classes each week. We attend two yoga sessions and one strength and balance class per week from the comfort of our home. The variety, pacing, and flow Mary builds into each class makes it easy to stay engaged. All classes are recorded and available 24/7 after the live class for no extra cost. The fees are more than reasonable for someone as dedicated and experienced as Mary.

Barb: One of Mary’s mottos is “Feel good at any age.” That is certainly my goal, and Mary has made it possible for me to feel good and strong and flexible and able to work in my garden (my main hobby) for hours at a time. (My other interest is cooking in our soon-to-be-completed totally renovated kitchen.)

Jan: I am an ace house mechanic and builder of things, mostly in wood. I do urban lumbering and have a small warehouse full of beautiful natural-edge wood planks. Practicing yoga with Mary keeps me mentally sharp and physically in shape, living with “Resilience & Grace.”

Fun Facts: You can hear Barbara’s voice (coloratura soprano) as part of the chorus on a recording of Verdi’s Requiem by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Jan was a stay-at-home dad for 4½ years, starting when the twins were one year old and their brother was just over two years. He and the boys were featured on a Father’s Day cable-TV special.