Be inspired to embrace possibility by the graceful combination of wellness knowledge and movement-based learning.

An Invitation

Co-create a perspective-shifting, resilience-boosting experience for your group.

Immediately fortify resilience with actionable strategies that can be integrated for life-long wellness.


  • Evidence-based wellness strategies
  • Powerful content with practical tips
  • Movement-based experiential exercises
  • Presentations that deeply connect with participants

Event Program Topics

  • Purposeful Resilience = Balance & Wholeness
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Healthy Aging with Grace
  • Expand Your Energy
  • Reduce & Release (Stress & Anxiety) 

Speaking Engagement Formats
(Virtual or In-Person)

  • Corporate Training
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Mindfulness & Movement Breaks
  • Motivational/Keynote Speaker

Graceful Resilience: Empowerment through Wellness

We are living in an unprecedented time! More than training, education, or experience, our resilience determines success in all areas of life. When faced with challenge, ambiguity, and adversity, those who practice skills that focus and calm the mind and body refuse to let fear hold them back. They literally break through the barriers keeping them “stuck”, to not only survive, but thrive as a result.

Prepare to experience a unique, integrative approach and increase resiliency through your investment in healing and wellness. We will engage, learn, and empower self with tools and strategies that are certain to optimize satisfaction at work and in daily life. All will be inspired, energized, and ready to explore possibilities and integrate practical ways to optimize health, perspective, and resilience as a result of our time together.

Resilience is not a personality trait or a genetic gift; it’s a set of learned skills, beliefs, and behaviors that we can integrate and cultivate. It is the ability to overcome adversity and move forward. Learn how to reroute the need for control, release stress, and cultivate a resilient mindset. Tap your innate ability to reset with strategies that can be applied immediately in all aspects of your life.

I’m excited to work with you!

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