July BOGO – Spearmint, Tangerine & Lemon

Buy ONE get TWO FREE!!

July 30th ONLY! Buy Spearmint get TANGERINE & LEMON for FREE!

This is an AWESOME trio of the best smelling oils ever!! Tangerine and spearmint are my FAVORITES to add a drop to the floor of the shower each morning to lift mood and wake me up and a few drops of lemon in my water each day to keep me healthy (without the acid like lemon juice)

Only $28 for all 3!!

Order yours on your wellness membership or contact Mary by 9pm Tuesday 7/30 with the number of sets you’d like.


💧Great for a homemade mouthwash to clean and promote fresh breath💧Helps with upset stomach and digestion 🤢💧Gives you an alert and focused mind 🤔💧Use to fight fatigue and nervousness


💧Smells LIKE HEAVEN! 💧Great to diffuse to de-stress & lift mood 🙌😘💧Great to add to water for a pick-me-up and to gently detox your body as well as support metabolism


• Great to lower stress by diffusing

• Great to lift mood

• Drink a few drops daily for a gentle detox (in a metal or glass cup)

• Use to get sticky stuff off of frames, clothes, carpets, etc

• Use to eliminate odors (garbage disposal, garbage can, diffused for odors

Contact Mary if you would like to receive 25% off of all of your oils and have them mailed directly to your house. You can also start earning points towards free products. Read past oil of the month blogs to learn about my favorite oils and how they help us.

Stay curious to learn about other options.