Ignite Your Life!

I got invited to partner with a new friend, who is living ON purpose and FOR purpose.
Her name is Beth Montpas, and she is an Entrepreneur, a Certified Life Coach and a real lover of life! Beth has sparkling eyes and a great smile but what you can’t see is years ago she faced divorce and the ground was falling away from under her. After a friend told her, “Good. Now you get to write your own story!” Beth re-invented herself and made her life a story worth telling. As a Life Coach her passion is helping women become the leaders of their lives — because if you don’t like the part you’re playing in your life story, you can write a new script!

As someone passionate about living a great, purposeful life—Beth interviewed me and about 20 other experts on how we live out our purpose in such a hectic, busy world. She’s absolutely relentless that we have to create our own life and be responsible for our own happiness. And that a good life doesn’t just happen, we have to CREATE it! And I agree with her.

So if you’re going through a transition, wanting more fulfillment, wondering if there’s more to life than this, you can listen in to this interview series, and it’s completely FREE.

Here’s what is going to be covered in the VIDEO INTERVIEWS:

Stories of successful people reinventing themselves and creating the life they want to live. Real life sharing on tragedy, heartache and how to overcome and make life even better. Ways to reduce stress and stay out of overwhelm as life ramps up. Why personal development is the gateway to contentment. Ways to build self-confidence and what top achievers do for self-care. Strategies that are working for others to live in alignment with their priorities. Tips for having great relationships with those you love. And lots more…

I have a FREE TICKET for you to the series! Grab your seat here if you want to feel more peace and aliveness or if you are intrigued by other’s sense of purpose and passion for their life or business and want to focus on getting clarity on yours. I’m really excited to participate in this. One well-timed tip or idea can give you a big shift that helps you with creating that ‘no regrets’ life! I’m not only a speaker, but I’ll be attending, too! You in?

Click here to claim your spot in Ignite Your Life –(https://bethmontpas.com/Mary)

Gratefully yours,Mary McCarthy

P.S. Your time is valuable.  Imagine if you could learn even ONE strategy to ignite your life just because you said YES to this series. So, click on this link, it all starts here. Join us now…SAY YES to this full blown LIFE COURSE—(https://bethmontpas.com/Mary)