Kula Member Spotlight: Hannah VanEvera

Hello! My name is Hannah VanEvera. I live in West Des Moines with my 3 cats: Jack, Sahara, and a 6-month-old kitten Bellatrix. My sister Abby, her fiancé Jake, and their 2 cats, Milo and Charlie, are currently living in my basement while they save up for a house of their own. I am a […]

Kula Member Spotlight: Patty Dornacker

Hello! My name is Patty Dornacker and my husband, Doug, and I are natives of Omaha and currently live in West Des Moines. We have one son, Alex. He lives in Des Moines. Alex just graduated from Drake Law School. I worked as a reading specialist in the local public schools for 30 years. When […]

Student Spotlight: Alfonso & Heather

Heather and Alfonso Erdmann are virtual students practicing yoga online from Sioux City, IA. This post is written by Alfonso, with the help of Heather. Q: When you discovered yoga and why you started practicing. A: Heather first found yoga in her 20’s and has practiced sporadically ever since. She first tried yoga to add […]

Student Spotlight: Barb Madden-Bittle

I live in West Des Moines off Grand Avenue beyond Raccoon River Park. I live with my husband, Ed; we are in a second marriage and just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. When we married, we had 6 children at home- two boys age 16, a boy and a girl age 13, a girl age […]

Student Spotlight: Terri Johnson

My name is Terri Johnson and I live in Pleasant Hill, Iowa. I am married to Dick and I enjoy being a mom and grandma. I have five grandkids and three of them are currently teenagers. I have studied yoga for about 19 years, almost all of these years with Mary. I started taking classes […]

Student Spotlight: Carol Popken

My name is Carol Popken and my husband, Ken and I live in Clive, IA. We have lived here for 51 years. Ken worked for insurance companies and I am a home economist. I worked for Iowa Food Industries Association and Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, IA. We have a daughter, son-in-law, and two […]

Student Spotlight: Jane Tucker

Living in the far northwest corner of Oregon, on the Columbia River, I am so pleased to have found Mary McCarthy and her yoga community. When the pandemic closed my local yoga studio, my joints became stiff and unyielding within just a few weeks. Despite a lengthy history of practicing yoga with various teachers, I […]

Student Spotlight: Barb Klubal & Jan Svec

Barbara Klubal and Jan Svec recently sneaked into their 70s and live in Des Moines, IA. Barb: I started practicing yoga here in Des Moines with another teacher. Shortly after I started, that teacher left the practice and Mary took over the class. What a stroke of luck! I’ve been with Mary for over 20 […]