BOGO July 23 2019

Today ONLY (7/23/19), TWO bogo options!!!!! Buy 2 get 3 free!

1) Buy Blue Tansy $85 + tax and get Tea Tree (Melaleuca) & Roman Chamomile for FREE

2) Buy Calmer Roller $19 + tax & Get Thinker Roller for FREE (These rollers are from the kids kit)

Send me a text or comment on FB by 9 pm Tuesday 7/23 with the number of sets you’d like of each BOGO offer.

Calmer Roller –

You know how it stinks when your kids get stressed or throw a tantrum and there’s not much you can do? doTERRA’s Calmer Roller Blend is your fast solution to a potential meltdown!

• Roll on bottom of kids’ feet before nap or bedtime for a quick calming effect.

• Put on chest and back of neck when you sense an emotional explosion coming to help calm those emotions.

• Roll on wrists and chest to help calm stress & anxiety before a big event, test, swim lesson, social anxiety, first day of school, etc

Thinker Roller- FREE

Do you or your kids ever need some natural help with focus? Now you can have a great smelling solution for littles who need some extra help focusing and concentrating.

• Apply to the back of the neck for increased focus and support for ADD/ADHD

• A must-have for parents during the 3-6pm witching hour when all the chaos occurs and homework needs done

• Use for YOU during your most difficult multitasking sessions and busy work days by rolling on the back of the hairline or roll in hands, cup to face and breathe in

• Heightens creativity for both adults and kids

Blue Tansy-

Blue Tansy is the secret weapon for acne and wrinkles! It’s also reduces pain & itching and calms your nerves.

• Use 1-2 drops in your moisturize at night for healthy, beautiful skin. You will NOT BELIEVE how amazing your skin looks and feels in the morning!

• Rub 2-3 drops on sore muscles & painful spots

• Great for skin issues like acne, rashes, dry skin, inflamed skin etc

• Great for allergies! Put 1 drop under the tongue and then swallow with water.

• Antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

• Diffuse the Anti-Procrastination Blend: 1 drop Blue Tansy, 3 drops Lemongrass & Cypress

Roman Chamomile- FREE

Think gentle and calming with this precious floral oil.

• Great oil to use with infants and babies for sleep and teething (Mix with a drop of coconut oil and apply to bottoms of feet for sleep, or jaw line for teething)

• Add to a hot, relaxing epsom salt bath for ultimate stress relief!

• Insomnia? Helps you get great sleep! Put 2 drops on bottoms of feet or diffuse

• Pms and cramps? Apply a drop with blue tansy over abdomen.

• Diaper rash? Add to a drop of tea tree and coconut oil and apply to bottom at each diaper change.

• Panic attacks? Put a drop in hands, close eyes, hold hands over nose and mouth and inhale slowly.

Melaleuca – FREE

You will be so glad you have Melaleuca when you are dealing with day to day issues, look at this list!

• Ear ache/infections- apply around ear and on a cotton ball and place in ear

• Apply to clean cuts and scrapes & Skin infections

• Great immune support for all sorts of viruses and bacteria- inhale in steam for sinus infections, swallow two drops for internal infections and sore throats

• Effective against athletes foot, pink eye and other fungal issues including acne by placing a few drops right on the spots

• Great to help with canker sores and cold sores

• Add 20 drops to your shampoo for dandruff, dry scalp and lice prevention

• Make a spray with melaleuca and water to treat lice or prevent lice

• Apply to acne to help clear your face