Student Spotlight: Sue Jansen

I am Sue Jansen and live in Des Moines with my husband of 40 years and a rescue pup.  I retired from 39 years of teaching special education from preschool to high school. I have had the opportunity to teach and learn from kids on the spectrum, deaf, visually impaired, learning, and behaviorally challenged. To […]

Rest for the Weary

Over the past year, I have been practicing the art of rest and what it means to feel fully rested. Although this may sound like an easy journey, it has been challenging for a seasoned yoga and meditation teacher like me. Over the years, I have placed a lot of self-worth on my ability to […]

Student Spotlight: Terrie Larsen

Hello friends.  My name is Terrie Larsen, and I live in Windsor Heights with my husband of 41 years.  We have three adult children and four grandchildren. I have a degree from Iowa State in Interior design and attended a one-year drafting program at DMACC.  I started my career drafting commercial buildings in an architectural […]

Let Go & Get Grounded

As the autumn winds creep in and the summer glow fades, it seems Mother Nature is once again reminding us to let go instead of holding on. To trust that after a period of rest, new growth will appear. This change in season is an invitation to come inside and pay attention. You may have […]

Student Spotlight: Carol Miller

Hello Yogis! My name is Carol Miller. I work for a local insurance company where I support an amazing team of underwriters who write Surety Bonds. I enjoy riding horse, spending time with family, having lunch with friends, sitting outside and reading a good book, and taking walks. I began practicing yoga with Mary in 2013. […]

Yoga and the Koshas: 5 Layers of Being

For many of us, the physical body or physical motivations are what first brings us to a yoga practice. It is an entry point into Yoga and its philosophy. Many students notice their bodies getting stronger, more flexible, and able to stay upright with better balance and mobility. We may even begin to sleep better and […]

Student Spotlight: Mary Gillaspey

Greetings, fellow yogis! I’m Mary Gillaspey here. I live in Urbandale with my husband, Dean, and our golden retriever Luke. Our two adult sons are out in the world—Daniel in corporate America, Adam as a chef. Before I retired in 2001, I worked for 15 years at Metro Waste Authority, our local solid waste agency, […]

Witnessing Your Thoughts

Early on when I was starting to practice and teach yoga, I met many experienced yogis who incorporated meditation into their life as a daily habit. As I continued on my own personal spiritual journey, I began to get a little more curious as to why meditation was so important. I began to listen to […]

Student Spotlight: LJ Pollack and Nancy Crowfoot

Hello Yogis!  We are John “LJ” Pollak and Nancy Crowfoot.  We are retired in our 60s. LJ from 3 decades as a nonpartisan bill drafter and administrator for the Iowa Legislature.  Nancy from nearly 40 years as a producer and director of presidential debates, Market to Market, Iowa Press, and other public affairs programming at […]

Connecting with Nature: The Benefits of Practicing Yoga Outdoors

It is the middle of summer in the Midwest. The days are long and the temperatures are warm. Exercising outdoors is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A favorite among many yogis is outdoor yoga. While yoga studios are often a relaxing, quiet, climate-controlled Zen environment, nothing can beat warm sunshine […]