Making Yoga Accessible for EVERY Body

Group practicing yoga using chairs for support

Sometimes, in our quest to do things “the right way,” we get so caught up in how we look that we forget why we even stepped on the yoga mat in the first place. We get into the habit of performing and doing, and we forget to practice being and becoming. Unfortunately, this attitude can […]

Kula Member Spotlight: Dawn Reser

Dawn Reser

My name is Dawn, and I live in West Des Moines with my husband, John. We have two adult children who both live in the DM area. I am a hospital pharmacist at UnityPoint, where I’ve been for more than 25 years. Outside of work, I love being in nature, bicycling, camping, and bird watching. I […]

Love & Belonging

Do you feel disconnected, untethered, or adrift? Have you lost your community or opportunities to make meaningful connections? Do you miss your in-person group classes and events? I have felt this way many times over the years, even before COVID and the world of Zoom. As a young girl, I craved being included. I wanted […]

Kula Member Spotlight: Susan & George Riley

Meet Susan! Greetings! My name is Susan Riley, and I live in Windsor Heights with my talented husband George. We are both retired now. Since moving to Windsor Heights a few years ago, I’m enjoying more gardening. (Our previous property had a steep hill in the backyard.) I’ve discovered deer spray to deter hungry deer […]

How to Stay Healthy and Warm this Winter

winter immunity

In the winter when temperatures drop, many of us start to have some health concerns, like how can I avoid getting sick? and how do I keep my hands and feet warm? Both of these thoughts come into my mind on a regular basis. I am one of many who suffer from Raynaud’s Phenomenon—a condition […]